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SAFER 17th St

Help make the critical 17th Street corridor a safe travel route for persons of All Ages & Abilities and ensure our essential workers get the protected active transportation facilities they deserve.

Key Route for Essential Workers

As critical alternatives to transportation options shut down by the pandemic, essential workers — including medical personnel from UCSF Mission Bay and Kaiser —use 17th Street by bike, on foot, and more. Today, they share dangerous, underdeveloped facilities. We must do better by providing protected facilities.

Photos by Morgan Rosenbach


Support Equitable Access

The most vulnerable road users are often those with the least means. People of All
Ages & Abilities deserve fair and equitable access to our City's transportation
infrastructure and all that it leads to. 17th Street provides that access specifically to the
Central Waterfront, where amenities like Crane Cove Park and the eastern span of the
San Francisco Bay Trail reside.



You can help today by voicing your support for a Safer 17th street for our essential workers and our community of families on and around Potrero Hill.

Economic Recovery

Improved east/west active transportation facilities would promote an alternative commute choice for jobs in Mission Bay as the economy reopens.

Quick and Cheap

The SFMTA has demonstrated many successful "Quick Build" programs. With your support, a Safer 17th Street would be such a low-cost program: no signal modifications are needed, and quick-build materials avoid costly and disruptive road work.




We are Potrero Hill mothers, fathers, parents, residents and neighbors who want less pollution, reduced noise, less cut through traffic and more safe streets so that our kids and people of all ages and abilities can walk or bike to school, the park, work or a friend's house. We have been talking to neighbors, business owners and other users of our public space in order to craft this improved plan for 17th St that creates a safe space for kids and adults on bikes.

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